New regulations on food labelling

Internet Labels can help you meet the recent new regulations relating to food and allergen labelling. These regulation changes to food labelling were applied in December 2014. They help to provide allergen information in a clearer and more consistent way. For example, any of the 14 allergens that are on the regulatory list must be emphasised on the label of a pre-packed food if they are used as main ingredients.

Many Internet Labels customers are food manufacturers and producers and will need to be aware of and follow the regulations. A full explanation of the regulations can be found here, however the main thrust of the regulations is based on identifying and emphasising allergens using bold, italics, highlighted or underlined ingredients.

Internet Labels supplies the V Series desktop thermal printer and H Series industrial thermal printer with FREE Easylabel design and print software to allow you to get up and printing labels without delay. Easylabel software allows food and ingredient labels to be designed to include selected words within the text body to be in bold, italics, highlighted or underlined. In addition Easylabel allows you to choose font style and print size to ensure true flexibility of design and help you to meet these important regulations.

As well as label content, food producers need to consider other labelling issues including the type of adhesive label and, if pertinent, the type of thermal transfer ribbons to be used to print the labels. Labels and ribbons coming into contact with foodstuffs need to be considered for their suitability. To make this decision simpler to make, all Internet Labels stock labels and ribbons have been ISEGA approved for direct contact with dry and moist non-fatty foods. More information on this important accreditation can be found here.

Finally the adhesive properties of the label must be considered too. Many packaging and carton types are manufactured from recycled product and have a surface which is not suited to all adhesive types. In addition the storage of the product in ambient, cooled or freezer conditions will also affect the bond between label and product outer. Internet Labels uses a strong permanent and wide temperature range adhesive on stock labels to provide adhesion to new and recycled board and cope with temperatures between -20°C and +70°C. *Please ask us about blast freeze applications as we may then recommend a specially developed adhesive to cope with rapid temperature change blast freeze environments.